Project M.At.U

Project M.At.U The creation of the [Modified Artificial Unit] predates the initiation of the Yellow Team project. Drawing inspiration from the concept of rehabilitating injured soldiers, extensive modifications were made to these individuals. The enhancements entailed the substitution of a majority of their organs with advanced implants and the implementation of brain upgrades, resulting in a partial alteration of their personalities. However, the project was abruptly terminated following a catastrophic incident within the laboratory. During a distressing turn of events, one of the [Modified Artificial Units] lost control, unleashing a rampage that claimed the lives of all personnel working in the facility. Recognizing the imminent danger posed by this rogue unit, a specialized force comprising five squads was urgently dispatched to neutralize the threat. Tragically, only four soldiers survived the harrowing encounter, while the whereabouts of the renegade unit remains shrouded in mystery. The urgent task now lies in locating and containing this formidable entity to ensure the safety and security of all.