ASTRION is an online graphic novel that blends science fiction and horror in a thrilling adventure.
The planet Mahonia has barely survived a war with the Independent Space Federation, but now faces a new menace. Join Astrion as he embarks on a desperate expedition to save his planet from a deadly threat. This is a story of courage, sacrifice, and survival in a hostile and unknown world, where nothing is as it seems, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Astrion is the first book in a planned series that will reveal the secrets of the Sphere Universe.
The graphic novel will consist of three volumes in total. The first volume is already finished and available online. The second volume is currently in progress and will be finished soon.

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Location Unknown

...Yet Unknown.

Project M.At.U

Project M.At.U The creation of the [Modified Artificial Unit] predates the initiation of the Yellow Team project. Drawing inspiration from the concept of rehabilitating injured soldiers, extensive modifications were made to these individuals. The enhancements entailed the substitution of a majority of their organs with advanced implants and the implementation of brain upgrades, resulting in a partial alteration of their personalities. However, the project was abruptly terminated following a catastrophic incident within the laboratory. During a distressing turn of events, one of the [Modified Artificial Units] lost control, unleashing a rampage that claimed the lives of all personnel working in the facility. Recognizing the imminent danger posed by this rogue unit, a specialized force comprising five squads was urgently dispatched to neutralize the threat. Tragically, only four soldiers survived the harrowing encounter, while the whereabouts of the renegade unit remains shrouded in mystery. The urgent task now lies in locating and containing this formidable entity to ensure the safety and security of all.

We Will Win!

Ukraine is my home! Our Army is doing incredible things, our people are stronger and more united than ever before! I believe in the quick and unconditional Victory of my country against the russian aggressor!
After the first month of the war, more and more thoughts appear that it is time to fully devote myself to my favorite business. Therefore, I plan to spend more and more time to Astrion and future novels. If you want to support the further development of the Sphere, I've opened a PayPal account for donations. There is also a Patreon page. But the most important support is your attention to my project. If possible, tell your friends about it, share it on social media, subscribe to Instagram. Thank you all! Lets do it together!


Controlled by AI, S3.14D8R is the best choice for the city combat. Protected by BetaWall armor plates. Equipped with 2 machineguns, ceramic rail gun or plasma flamethrower and reactive accelerator. Effective against infantry and other drones.
Manufacturer - ISF

[Dark Sector Portal Test]

2340. Karina Lin
Testing the Dark Sector Portal has revealed a wave-like pattern in energy consumption, leading to intermittent system overloads and subsequent shutdowns. In response, extensive efforts are being undertaken to develop a new stabilizer capable of maintaining optimal energy flow. Additionally, there is a pressing need to enhance the magnetic resistance of the drones employed during transitions. Currently, these drones experience a loss of control, often resulting in their unfortunate malfunction or breakage. Addressing these critical issues is paramount to ensure the successful and sustainable operation of the Dark Sector Portal.

[Astrion Is Back]

All systems are working properly. Returning to the Dark Sector...


In addition to power sources, drones have discovered signs of an intelligent civilization. At the end of one of the canyons, strange structures of clearly artificial origin were discovered.

We did not manage to examine them in detail, but it scares us away. It was not possible to fly closer - the drone lost control and crashed. It looks like an ancient burial place. We are prohibited from sharing this information.

Only Darkness Ahead

YT-01 Interceptor
Modified version of T-01-3000 specifically for the Yellow Team.